Educational and Environmental Activites:

We hope to start serious rehabilitation of Montrio Pond’s banks this summer 2012!



In the summer, 2008, we had computer sessions in the Clubhouse with disks of school subjects, music, and games and because we also have kids of very young ages, we decided to introduce to the program the poologix services so that we can teach the young ones to start looking our for themselves.

We had learning and doing days, too.  We planted native plants around Montrio Pond.

In February 09, Mr. Todd Crail brought fish and other water critters for us to examine, and told us what they need in our ponds and streams and lakes to live and be healthy.  And this May 09, we had another day planting native plants outside the pond fence to filter Pinelake’s rainwater.  The STEPS’ Planet Club bought the native plants with the help of grants from the Michigan Wildflower Association and The Wild Ones.  Volunteers came from around town to help.

See pictures of all these events in the gallery, and watch  the posts for announcements of more events to come.

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