Cell Phone Earnings

Staff, 14 August 2010, No comments
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STEPS has earned $480 by recycling cell phones with GRC Wireless Recycling. With these funds we were able to purchase native flowers for inside and outside of the pond. The City Drain Authority told us to plant native plants on the banks of Montrio pond to purify the run-off from our parking lots and roofs before it ran into our natural pond for the health of the environment. We have also purchased garden tools and supplies, built a small wooden bridge over a stream entering the pond, purchased a picnic table and snacks, and paid stipends to encourage more children to enjoy the restoration work.

Your contributions will help us continue to involve our children in the environment, give them healthy outdoor activities, not only online gaming, of course this is a great way to spend time and if you are wondering you can Click To Find Out More for good and healthy games.

and improve the Huron River Watershed.


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