Jazz for Peace chooses STEPS for Kids to benefit from concert

When John (that’s really his name) called STEPS for Kids one day this winter and asked about us, we told him.  We told him about the indoor winter educational entertainment and summer outdoor environmental and planting activities.  We told him STEPS for Kids’ mission is to offer disadvantaged children experiences that will inspire them to learn, to stay in school, to work and play outdoors, and to improve their futures.  Truthfully we did not even know who John was, but we are happy to tell ANYONE about what we do.  Turns out, John is the grant administrator at Jazz for Peace, and some good fairy or little birdie had told him about STEPS for Kids.

As a result of this phone conversation, Jazz for Peace offered STEPS for Kids an amazing and unusual grant.  Jazz for Peace and jazz artist Rick DellaRatta would hold a concert in Ann Arbor to benefit STEPS for Kids, and STEPS would spread the word locally.

Find out why these two organizations like one another so much.  Cruise around the STEPS website where you may be reading this right now.  Or if you have signed up for our news, you are reading it in your inbox.  Donate to our programs that the children, as well as Jazz for Peace, value so highly.  When you want to donate locally or nationally, this is easy to remember: stepsforkids.org.

Then google Jazz for Peace at jazzforpeace.org and Rick DellaRatta at rickdellaratta.com to find some good news in this usually bad news world of ours.  And come to the Rick DellaRatta Jazz for Peace benefit concert in Ann Arbor Sunday September 30, 2012.  Contact diane@stepsforkids.org for concert details.

When you want to donate nationally or internationally, this is easy to remember: jazzforpeace.org.


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