Jazz for Peace Foundation idea began with 9/11

Rick DellaRatta watched the jets hitting skyscrapers from a rooftop a few blocks away from ground zero on September 11, 2001.  He was horrified by what he saw: politics hand-in-hand with technology, causing unending suffering for people.  As he saw the towers crumble, shock on the faces on the the streets of New York, and people holding hands as they jumped from 15 stories of smoke and fire to their certain deaths, an idea grew from the tragedy.  He knew the world had to change to avoid such horrific scenes, and he wanted to be part of that change.

The Jazz for Peace Foundation was formed, and jazz composer, songwriter, pianist, and singer Rick DellaRatta has given over 800 benefit concerts worldwide for nonprofit organizations.  He does this “to help the organizations that are helping others.”  This is what he can do to alleviate the pain, poverty, and politics that combine to cause so much suffering in our world.

Come to his concert in Ann Arbor September 30, 2012.  Contact diane@stepsforkids.org for concert details.


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