Morris Dees

charleene, 11 September 2008, No comments
Categories: Civil Rights

Morris Dees (1936 – ?) is a lawyer who worked together with Joe Levin to build the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Alabama. Dees sold a successful law firm that he had created to take on civil rights cases. He was inspired to do this after witnessing his capable African American friends’ continued mistreatment. Even after legislation was being passed to aide African Americans, the South remained highly segregated. Before the creation of the SPLC, Dees took on many cases that were unpopular to other white people¬†at the time. He filed a suit to integrate the all white Montgomery YMCA, and he also filed suit to stop the construction of an all white university in Alabama. Dees and Levin opened the non profit¬† SPLC in 1971.


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