A new link for Michigan critters

Yazan: Staff | 14 January 2011 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet

Do you know what an amphibian is?  How about an annetid?  Just go to our home page, find the links section, find the “new link for Michigan critters” in the list of links, click on it, and you will be in the outdoor world of things around you that you do and don’t see: mammals, [...]

See real live fish up close

Yazan: Staff | 10 February 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet, STEPS

Learn about the fish in Montrio Pond.   What makes them healthy and bright colored?  What do they eat?  Are they safe to catch and eat?  Learn about other fish, too, that swim around here but may not be in the Pond. Todd Crail, a naturalist from Toledo, will bring fish, and talk about ours.  Next [...]

Hummingbirds: from egg to maturity in 3 weeks!

Yazan: staff99 | 09 May 2008 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet

  Click on these links. Scroll down the page and then click next page. There are five pages in all. http://community.webtv.net/hotmail.com/verle33/HummingBirdNest http://community.webtv.net/Velpics/HUM

check out the creature close-up link

Yazan: staff99 | 08 May 2008 | No Comments
Categories: After School, Our Planet, STEPS

Go to links, then creature close-ups, then click on any of the animal pictures to find out what these animals are like: chimpanzees, bald eagles, sharks, and others.

Our first pond fun and work day Sunday Apr. 27

Yazan: staff99 | 30 April 2008 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet

What a great success all you wonderful volunteers made our activity day! On Sunday April 27, at least 10 full-grownups came, and at least twice that many kids of all ages. We planted lots (50?) of water-loving trees and shrubs inside the safety fence. Several of you asked if we could do this again, and [...]

Save our pond work and fun day

Yazan: staff99 | 15 April 2008 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet, STEPS

Meet us at the Clubhouse to beautify our pond, Sunday Apr 27th at 2 PM, at 2680 Adrienne, Ann Arbor. We’ll pick up trash and start planting native plants at the two worst-eroding ends. Kids earn $1-$2/hr. Parents and grownups volunteer and supervise. There will more fun and work days like this in the future, [...]

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