EMU Volunteer and Internship Fair

Yazan: Adrianne | 20 September 2011 | No Comments
Categories: Coming Events, Other News, STEPS

EMU Volunteer and Internship Fair 22 September 2011 STEPS for Kids found dedicated and bright volunteers at this event, and some of them are still with us. Visit our Volunteer Page to read about the jobs you might enjoy.

Grants for Plants and Flowers

Yazan: Staff | 10 February 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Our Planet, STEPS

The Wildflower Association of Michigan is so happy with what we are doing at Montrio Pond that they have given us a $500 Hal and Jean Glassen award to buy more native flowers and bushes to plant next summer!  The national Wild Ones Association felt the same way, and has awarded STEPS a Seeds for [...]

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